SKF Oil Projection Systems for chain conveyors

Feed and chain conveyors face harsh conditions

SKF Oil Projection System
They must withstand heavy loading, continuous operation and harsh operating conditions such as extreme temperature, dirt and water. Chain wear caused by friction between chain elements and/or corrosion requires regular servicing and repair work – or even replacement of the entire chain. Such maintenance work interrupts the production process. Regular, accurate lubrication helps minimize chain wear and thus the need for servicing and repair.

SKF can help

A specialist in chain lubrication, SKF has developed a complete range of oil lubrication systems for chain conveyors. The systems can be controlled and monitored using control units or software. SKF assistance begins with planning and continues right up to the commissioning of the complete system. SKF Oil Projection System solutions advantages include:
  • Prolonged mechanical service life of the chain and increases its availability
  • Energy savings through reduction of friction
  • Better compliance with environmental requirements because lubricant usage is manageable
  • Improved operator safety by reducing the number of manual maintenance tasks
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