Ultra low speed bearing monitoring

Developed for machines rotating at extremely low speed

It’s a common misconception that rolling element bearings operating at low speeds cannot be monitored using vibration analysis. In fact, SKF has developed a patented, proven signal-processing technology that is highly effective for detecting and diagnosing bearing faults at extremely low speeds.

Steel-making applications

Slow rotating bearings in steel mills are often in dangerous or hard-to-reach locations on process critical machinery. These bearings have high replacement costs, long delivery times and can take days or weeks to replace. Accordingly, it is important to know their exact condition at all times. Ultra low speed bearing monitoring from SKF makes this possible for converters, ladle turrets, torpedo cars and traveling cranes.

A complete programme solution

The SKF bearing monitoring programme for low speed applications includes out-of-service checks – visual inspections and wear gap measurements during major outages – plus in-service techniques such as periodic grease sampling/analysis and multi-parameter low speed vibration monitoring. Benefits include:
  • Early identification of bearing faults
  • Reduced risk of accidents due to failure
  • Reduced unplanned downtime
  • Reduced maintenance costs
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