SKF Telescopic Actuators

Reliability and flexibility

Telescopic actuator for casters
Actuators used in the mould side-face adjustment operation in continuous casting must perform efficiently, despite working in an extremely hot and harsh environment. With the SKF electromechanical actuators, SKF offers a more flexible, yet still reliable actuator solution.

Wider product range and higher quality

Telescopic design enables a longer stroke for the same retracted length, so that a wider product range can be manufactured using the existing casting line. By facilitating improved quality control of the mould displacement, SKF telescopic actuators also make it possible to increase the slab quality.

More cost-efficient operation

Featuring stainless steel and a protective surface coating, SKF telescopic actuators offer a robust, corrosion-free design for high reliability and long service life. Due to their high efficiency, SKF electromechanical actuators also enable reduced energy consumption for mould adjustments as well as reduced maintenance costs.
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