SKF Caster Analyst System

Monitor roll line load and temperature during operation

SKF Caster Analyst System
The SKF Caster Analyst System consists of a specialized load and temperature unit for advanced, reliable, real-time data collection during production. By measuring the temperature and the load distribution as well as its duration, and analyzing the data in comparison with process data, the system helps you to identify potential causes for production stops such as bent rolls, misalignment, cooling problems and more.

Make more informed production decisions

Thanks to the analyses provided, maintenance procedures can be optimized and maintenance costs reduced. The analyses are also important as a basis for improvements in the casting process and slab quality. The system’s remote data processing and sharing capabilities across the mill and the Web can even help meet future productivity targets. SKF Caster Analyst can help:
  • Reduce planned and unplanned downtime
  • Increase productivity
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Reduce the risk of catastrophic equipment failures
  • Optimize maintenance procedures
  • Improve slab quality
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