SKF radial spherical plain bearings

Reduce deformations and avoid downtime due to maintenance problems

Despite operating in a wide temperature range, the converter suspension system must hold the converter vessel in a statically determined position. Due to changing temperatures, thermal expansion causes induced stresses in the steel parts, ultimately leading to trunnion ring and vessel deformations.

Connecting the vessel with the trunnion ring using SKF radial spherical plain bearings helps to minimize such deformations.

SKF radial spherical plain bearings of the steel-on-steel type are heat-treated and stabilized to operate up to a temperature of 300 °C.

Incorporated in six suspension elements to withstand the effects of the heating and cooling processes, the bearings have a C3 radial clearance. Outside bearing surfaces are manganese phosphated, while the raceways are coated with a layer of solid lubricants, making SKF radial spherical plain bearings a virtually maintenance-free solution.
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