SKF Client Needs Analysis helps plant operators identify improvement opportunities

The challenge

A leading rolling mill in Asia was struggling to improve mill performance. SKF asset management specialists conducted a client needs analysis with personnel from maintenance, operations and purchasing.

SKF Assessment

The mill ranked 7% above the industry average and exhibited a range of positive traits. Yet there were also a number of performance gaps that limited its profitability:

  • Unclear rationales for work assignments
  • High maintenance costs and inventory levels
  • Duplication of work between departments
  • Insufficient communication between departments
  • Inconsistent root cause analysis programme
  • Work history was not being captured or used

The action plan

Following the Client Needs Analysis, SKF worked with the mill to develop an action plan based on its drivers - one that systematically addressed performance gaps with specific solutions:

  • Perform a maintenance strategy review
  • Implement a condition-based monitoring programme
  • Combine the operator and maintenance basic care programmes
  • Adopt a common root cause failure analysis programme
  • Perform a spare parts optimization review


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