SKF Copperhead repeatedly delivers big savings and peace of mind for aggregates producer

Before SKF Copperhead

Prior to installing the SKF Copperhead fault detection kit on its horizontal shaft impactors, a major aggregates producer regularly suffered the costly effects of bearings spinning in their housings, broken and thrown blow bars, and bent shafts.

After SKF Copperhead

Installing the SKF Copperhead fault detection kit allowed the mill to see developing problems before it was too late to prevent bearing failures.

Using an SKF Copperhead 1C/10 kit, the mill was able to continuously monitor overall vibration of the crusher wirelessly. As the system detects emerging faults, it issues alerts through the plant automation system, warning staff to take corrective action before the condition became catastrophic.

The results

Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Savings per machine by avoiding downtime: €4 000
  • SKF Copperhead investment: -€800
  • Total savings: €3 200
  • Total ROI: 400%

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