INSOCOAT bearings save cement plant 55 000 euro

The challenge

A cement plant in South East Asia had been experiencing excessive premature bearing failures on a 288 kW AC motor powering a vertical roller mill separator. Failures were occurring once every three to six months, causing an average of six hours of unplanned downtime and significant productivity losses.

Looking for a way to boost uptime while cutting repair and lost productivity costs, the plant looked to SKF.

The SKF solution

SKF engineers determined that stray electric currents passing through the motor bearings were causing the failures. To stop them, SKF installed an INSOCOAT bearing with a coated outer ring on the non-drive side, and an INSOCOAT bearing with a coated inner ring on the drive side.

The results

The INSOCOAT bearings outlasted the conventional bearings by three years, more than tripling service life and saving the plant €55 000 in lost productivity.

Return On Investment (ROI) over 3 years
  • Lost productivity costs: €56 000
  • Initial bearing solution investment: €1 000
  • Total savings: €55 000
  • Total ROI: 6 122%
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