SKF Oil Conditioning Units cut lubricant and component costs for kiln bearings

The challenge

Following a rebuild in which a new and bigger burner was installed, a mill experienced wear problems on the kiln's oil-lubricated bronze support roll bearings.

Because the new burner exposed the bearings to more heat (100 °C/212 °F), oil temperature inside the bearing housing rose, reducing oil viscosity and increasing bearing wear. Bronze particles were clearly visible in the lubricating oil.

The SKF solution

SKF installed SKF Oil Conditioning Units to cool and clean the oil during operation and help extend lubricant service life in the higher temperatures.

The results

The SKF Oil Conditioning Units reduced the oil temperature from around 100 °C to 64 °C (212 °F to 147 °F). The temperature drop enabled an adequate lubrication film, increasing oil service life by a factor of six.

Prior to installation, oil had to be changed every month. After installation, oil lasted for six months, substantially cutting lubrication costs.
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