Lignite mine achieves significant savings with SKF remanufactured bearings

The challenge

Under pressure to make year-on-year maintenance cost reductions, an opencast lignite mine had slashed its maintenance staff and had begun outsourcing non-core maintenance work. Even so, the mine needed to achieve additional savings. Based on a long-standing working relationship, the mine looked to SKF for help.

The SKF solution

Noting the mine's successful use of SKF remanufactured bearings in its conveyor drive drums, SKF suggested that the facility consider similar opportunities. The mine decided to send all of its dismounted bearings to the nearest SKF remanufacturing service centre for analysis. There, SKF found that 50% of the bearings were suitable for remanufacturing.

The results

The mine achieved significant savings through reduced replacement and warehousing costs. SKF also optimized the order handling procedures with the operator, resulting in additional savings related to logistics and information technology.
  • Maintenance cost savings: €53 0000
  • Warehouse cost savings: €75 000
  • Total savings: €60 500
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