SKF Client Needs Analysis - Lubrication Management

SKF client needs analysis - Asset Management
SKF’s Client Needs Analysis Lubrication Management process will reveal any gaps in a client’s lubrication practices that keep it from being world class.

Lubrication management encompasses all activities related to the lubrication of machinery, including:
  • Establishing a lubrication strategy (what, why, where, how)
  • Establishing a lubrication programme: lubricant selection, schedules, routes, intervals, quantities, standard operating procedures)
  • Lubricant/lubrication monitoring, lubricant analysis
  • Resource planning: people, tools, software, training
  • Recording & reporting system
  • Health, environmental and safety procedures
  • Lubricant supply, storage and in-plant handling; waste management
  • Upgrading to Lubrication free solution for performance improvement
  • Upgrade of sealing materials & solutions for preventing ingress of material leading to premature failures
  • Lubrication systems for lubrication precision and operator safety improvement
  • Continuing improvement

With nearly a century of experience, our unmatched breadth and depth of knowledge makes us uniquely positioned to help analyze, manage and optimize our clients’ lubrication programmes.
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