Bearing mounting and dismounting services

Potential challenges

Mounting is one of the critical stages of the bearing’s life cycle. If the bearing is not mounted properly – using the correct method and tools – the bearing’s service lifetime will be reduced. Approximately 16% of all premature bearing failures are a result of poor fitting or using incorrect mounting techniques.

Although the bearing may not be used again, it is extremely important to dismount it correctly so that the service life of the replacement bearing is not compromised. Proper dismounting methods and tools are needed in order to prevent damage to other machine components, such as the shaft and housing, which are often re–used. Incorrect dismounting techniques also can be hazardous to the operator.

Avoid problems with SKF

SKF can help customers avoid the potential pitfalls involved with bearing mounting and dismounting procedures. Along with enjoying additional time to devote to other duties, maintenance teams can avoid the errors that could cost the operation in the long run.
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