Grease testing and analysis services

Thorough analysis of grease in relation to operating conditions

Proper lubrication is one crucial factor in maximizing bearing service life. Contamination can have a great impact on the grease service life and, in turn, the bearing service life.

Using a broad range of in-house sophisticated chemical, measuring and test equipment, SKF provides a grease analysis and testing service to measure the contamination levels of a bearing grease in relation to the bearing's operating conditions. Based on the test and analysis results, SKF then recommends corrective actions to reduce or eliminate the contamination. These actions could be:
  • Another, more appropriate bearing grease for the bearing's operating conditions
  • Sealing solutions
  • Automatic lubrication systems

Benefits include:
  • Increase grease and bearing service life
  • Reduce downtime related to lubrication
  • Reduced grease consumption and costs
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