High precision, quick and simplified mounting

The SKF OKCK hydraulic coupling provides quick and easy mounting, using oil power only. There is no need for loud and vibrating pneumatic wrenches.
Mounting and dismounting is four times faster compared to mechanical couplings. Factory mounting and dismounting times are each less than half an hour. The same is true for on-site mounting.
In addition, the accuracy is higher than mechanical couplings and the coupling is designed to create controlled high pressure against the shafts without leaving any tooling permanently in place.

Supergrip bolts

SKF’s Supergrip bolts represent a “quantum leap” in improving the technology of connecting rotating flange couplings.
They are much faster and easier to install and remove compared to traditional bolt systems, therefore reducing maintenance cost and downtime.
When you connect your couplings with Supergrip bolts, there is no uncertainty about the length of downtime for removing the bolts. No worry about whether the bolts have jammed or seized in the holes. You know that once the tension and expansion pressure have been released, each bolt will slide out as easily as it went in.
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