SRCM helps reduce maintenance costs

The problem

Maintenance strategy
After several years of operation, a hydrocarbon processing plant’s maintenance program had grown unmanageable. Each time an unplanned failure occurred new tasks were added to the program. The additional tasks ate up valuable resources and inflated the maintenance budget to unacceptable levels.

The SKF solution

Using the streamlined reliability centred maintenance (SRCM) process, SKF worked closely with the customer to establish equipment criticality based on the plant’s business goals. Then, where justified by criticality, SKF applied the SRCM best practice templates and worked with plant personnel to design equipment-specific proactive maintenance programs. The resulting SKF planned maintenance program: 
  • Focused maintenance on critical equipment and dominant failure modes
  • Emphasized condition-based tasks
  • Eliminated unnecessary, non-value-added routine tasks
  • Improved availability and reliability
  • Freed up valuable resources

The result

The SKF SRCM process was a success, with the plant reporting a: 
  • 70% reduction in the number of maintenance tasks
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