Advanced modeling stress levels in bearing

The problem

For oil and gas drillers alike, the bearings in a mud motor at the end of a drill string have a direct impact on productivity and reliability. These mud motor bearings must endure extreme operating conditions – not only severe axial and shock loads, but also continuous exposure to highly abrasive mud.

The solution

Using advanced modeling techniques utilizing proprietary , SKF engineers could observe stress levels within the bearing, as well as identify and correct problems involving cracked rings and sheared balls – two common problems with mud motor bearings. These findings enabled them to: 
  • Accurately define the behavior of a bearing stack
  • Redesign the bearing to minimize stresses and optimize load carrying capacity
  • Test new designs and materials

The result

Using the SKF virtual test rig, engineers developed mud motor bearing solution that provided: 
  • Improved wear-resistance
  • Increased load carrying capacity
  • Optimized load distribution
  • Increased robustness
  • Improved reliability
  • Customized design
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