SKF Multilog DMx saves space, time and money

The problem

Traditional condition monitoring systems have been based on 19” rack-mounted systems that require bulky cabinets to be placed in a safe area away from machine skids, along with a complex web of low-voltage cables to send signals to and from the control room. Both requirements increase installation and maintenance costs. Also, if the rack is not included with the skid, additional testing and acceptance procedures at both the factory and the installation site can increase commissioning costs.

The SKF solution

The SKF Multilog DMx eliminates these issues and expenses, thereby saving time and trouble for OEM’s and end users. The SKF Multilog DMx is the first-ever fully featured API-670 class monitor suitable for Zone 1 and conventional areas. Four-channel vibration monitoring and on-board proximity probe drivers allow processing requirements, from transducer to dynamic data, to be fulfilled safely on the machine skid.

The result

The SKF Multilog DMx eliminates the need for bulky cabinets and offers end-users additional troubleshooting services without specialized analysis equipment. In addition, by performing monitoring processing on the machine, near the sensors, the SKF Multilog DMx replaces many low-voltage signal cables with one or two digital protocol cables. The system also integrates with SKF @ptitude Decision Support software and is compatible with a range of SKF portable and on-line measurement devices. 

Sample cost savings of SKF Multilog DMx vs. 19” rack system: 

Cost components      Mfr. savings      End-user savings
Material                      30%                   31% 
Installation time          92%                     2% 
Testing time               80%                    80% 
Calibration time          n/a                      50% 
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