Bearing remanufacture

Bearing remanufacturing
The harsh working conditions in the fuel handling systems of a coal fired power plant put great strain on bearings and housings and reduce their service lives. Here, SKF bearing and housing remanufacturing services have proved to be an efficient solution not only for the individual component, but for the whole application.
SKF bearing and housing remanufacturing, done in SKF Remanufacturing Centres, is ultimately about optimizing the service life of the product in the application. Of course, it includes remanufacturing and eventual supply of new components, but it also includes detailed analysis to evaluate how the service life of the component can be extended.
The remanufacturing processes vary depending on the application and degree of damage. Remanufacturing is a smart, cost-saving action, extending the service life of the bearing and housing and reducing the risk of unplanned machinery downtime. Remanufacturing can also be very effective for spare parts management.
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