SKF @ptitude Decision Support system cuts combined cycle plant’s data analysis time by 70 %

The challenge

Combined cycle plant
A plant under construction in Spain needed an integrated equipment reliability system that would feed condition-based maintenance and on-line parameters into a decision support system for improved system reliability and plant availability.

The SKF solution

SKF implemented the SKF @ptitude Decision Support system on the plant’s critical and important equipment, tuning it to capture predictive maintenance and operator driven reliability data, critical machinery protection system data, process data and oil analysis data. SKF also integrated SKF @ptitude Decision Support with the plant’s computerized maintenance management system for work order notification.

The results

SKF @ptitude Decision Support helped the company:
  • Reduce data analysis time by 70 %
  • Run the plant with a reduced staff while maintaining equipment reliability
  • Capture operation and maintenance knowledge, and provide training for new employees
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