Multilog IMx-S boosts reliability and safety at combined cycle power plant

The challenge

A North American combined cycle plant struggled with weather-related safety issues that prevented plant personnel from climbing outdoor structures to collect critical asset data. Management knew that the missing information presented a problem, yet considered an online system too costly, as critical assets were distributed widely over the plant’s acreage.

The SKF solution

SKF assessed the system requirements, looking at asset locations as well as the locations of existing plant LAN access points. The SKF Multilog IMx-S solution featured more than 32 16-channel IMx-S cards distributed strategically near the assets, with data automatically acquired, stored and managed by SKF @ptitude Monitoring Suite software and diagnostic tools.

The system was configured to take advantage of the LAN access points near critical assets, while using wireless modems and routers to link remote assets such as cooling water tower fans, circulating water pumps, and service water pumps.

SKF managed the overall system installation, software and server setup, and built the system database and alarm parameters for more than 90 critical and important plant assets.

The results

In addition to detecting faults before they lead to unplanned outages or plant de-rates, the plant’s capability for 24/7 condition monitoring of assets is freeing up time for maintenance teams to perform root cause failure analysis work and properly plan maintenance activities for scheduled maintenance outages.

Six months after the SKF Multilog IMx-S installation, plant personnel were able to detect and correct a developing problem on a service water tower motor that would have otherwise caused a plant de-rate if it had gone undetected during peak summer operation.
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