SKF SRCM helps reduce equivalent forced outages by 30% across fleet of plants

The challenge

Following several years of cost-cutting measures, a utility was experiencing reliability and performance issues fleet-wide, across 27 coal- and gas-fuelled operating units at 15 power plants. To help decrease equipment failures and better focus its maintenance resources, the utility looked to SKF for help.

The SKF solution

Using the SRCM process, SKF worked closely with the utility to design a proactive maintenance program for all key plant systems. After studying the systems over a 30-month period, SKF developed a planned maintenance program that:
  • Focused maintenance on critical equipment and dominant failure mode
  • Emphasized condition-based tasks
  • Eliminated unnecessary routine and outage tasks
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Improved availability and reliability

The results

The SRCM process was a success, with the utility ultimately reporting a: 
  • 30% reduction in equivalent forced outage rate (EFOR)
  • 7% increase in peak-period reliability
  • 30% - 40% reduction in high-priority corrective work
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