SKF Flowline pumping unit

Making less lubricant more effective

In conventional circulating oil lubrication systems, typically only 30-45% of the oil in their large tanks is in active circulation at any time, and oil retention times are often much shorter than they should be. The result is inefficient air, water and contaminant separation from the oil. In such cases, oil quality will degrade quickly and costs will increase.

Smaller tank, bigger savings

SKF Flowline features a much smaller reservoir that effectively and efficiently removes air and water bubbles plus particulates from the oil. Requiring just 1/3 to 1/2 of the oil volume of conventional systems due to an operating efficiency above 90%, the unit can help mills reduce oil and energy consumption.

  • Reduced oil purchasing, handling and disposal costs
  • Lower energy and cooling water consumption
  • Improved lubrication due to better oil condition
  • Lower maintenance costs 


Impact - economic, social and environmental

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