Rocker housing rebuild service

Overcome the challenges of increasing machine speed

Rocker housings accommodate thermal expansion of the drying cylinder, which occurs at the temperatures found in the dryer section. Rockers enable the whole bearing housing to move with the shaft. However, increased paper machine speeds can lead to vibration and wear on the rockers, which can affect paper quality.

Increase paper quality and reduce maintenance costs

Reworking rocker housings to fixed housings enables the use of the SKF self-aligning bearing system. This incorporates a CARB toroidal roller bearing in the non-locating position and an SKF Explorer spherical roller bearing in the locating position. With this bearing system, misalignment is accommodated and axial expansion of the shaft is accommodated within the CARB bearing, virtually without friction.

Rebuilding rocker housings help achieve:
  • A more stable arrangement
  • Improved paper quality
  • Reduced maintenance costs
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