Maintenance Strategy Review and collaborative equipment optimization cuts downtime and costs

The challenge

A large paper mill undertook an equipment optimization initiative involving a collaborative strategy that drew from selected companies' expertise to implement critical facets of the plan.

The SKF solution

SKF was contracted to collect and analyze vibration data and undertake lubrication-related tasks. SKF performed a Maintenance Strategy Review to redefine maintenance tasks, responsibilities and objectives. Data from critical equipment vibration signatures uncovered 2 975 cases of equipment distress, leading to corrective action to prevent potential failures.

The SKF lubrication team provided preventive maintenance and installed automatic lubrication systems in hard-to-reach areas, while SKF advanced engineering helped reduce unexpected mechanical failures. SKF also provided on-site training to plant maintenance crews.

The result

SKF integrated maintenance solutions cut time lost to mechanical rotating equipment failures in the paper machine, off-machine coater and market pulp fibre line, helping to increase production by 11 200 metric tons/year of product. SKF also helped reduce costs for energy, bearings, lubricants, condition monitoring and lubrication tasks.

Reductions in resource costs:
  • Bearing replacement costs reduced from €1.90/ton to €0.15/ton
  • Lubricant costs reduced from €0.63/ton to €0.21/ton
Increased production:
The SKF Maintenance Strategy Review redefined maintenance activities that reduced failure-related downtime and increased production, resulting in additional revenue:
  • Paper machine: €273 000
  • Off-machine coater: €335 000
  • Fibre line: €15 991 000
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