SKF optimizes maintenance intervals for paper mill

The challenge

Felts on four press nips at a newsprint mill had recommended change intervals of 28 days, but one felt required replacement every 25 days. Because of high start-up costs, all four felts were replaced every 25 days - or 15 versus the optimal 13 times a year. At $35 000 per felt and average lost production costs of $80 000 for every replacement, the annual cost differential was substantial.

The SKF solution

To focus more fully on the suspect felt, SKF engineers installed additional measurement points to an SKF Multilog IMx online condition monitoring system already installed on the press section.

The result

Shifting the monitoring focus to key runnability components in the press section allowed the mill to meet its 28-day interval goal, with annual net savings of €297 000.

Return on Investment (ROI) summary
  • Cost of additional felt replacement, including labour: €219 000
  • Lost production: €125 000
  • Total costs: €344 000
  • Investment in the SKF solution: €47 000
  • Net savings: €297 000
  • ROI in 12 months: 633%
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