SKF Drive-up mounting method helps paper maker achieve 510% ROI in one year

The challenge

A paper mill's winder had been experiencing uneven and high bearing temperatures and premature bearing failures. The resulting production downtime and costs associated with repairs and replacements were significant. An investigation found that the mill's maintenance staff were using hammers to mount bearings and were not achieving the appropriate internal bearing clearance.

The SKF solution

Clearly the mill needed a solution that would help them mount and dismount bearings correctly - and reduce the risk of seat damage during mounting. SKF proposed the SKF Drive-up Method for accurate mounting.

The result

In one year this technique enabled a significant decrease in the need for bearing replacement as well as a 75% reduction in mounting time. The end result has been a considerable reduction in downtime and costs.

Return on Investment (ROI) summary over a one year period:
  • Increased production availability/less downtime: €16 060
  • Reduced costs (mounting/dismounting bearings and repairs): €5 680
  • Total benefits per year: €21 740
  • Investment in SKF solution: - €3 560
  • Benefits: €18 180
  • Return on investment: 510%
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