INSOCOAT bearings help pulp and carton board mill generate 4 900% ROI

The challenge

Bearing problems in the pulp boiler flue gas recirculation fan motors of a modern, integrated pulp and cartonboard mill were causing productivity problems. The 400 kW AC motors with frequency converters ran at 950 r/min with an operating temperature in excess of 100 ˚C.

The SKF solution

The motors were equipped with standard bearings that typically lasted only about six months due to damage from stray electrical currents. To improve reliability and reduce maintenance and repair costs, INSOCOAT bearings from SKF were installed in the fan motors.

The result

Since the INSOCOAT bearings were installed there have been no failures. The mill has realized dramatic savings in maintenance and repair costs, along with additional benefits in reduced downtime and increased productivity. The result - a significant improvement in the bottom line as shown in the below annual return on investment (ROI) summary:

  • Cost of replacement bearings: €1 000
  • Cost of maintenance/repair: €6 000
  • Cost of downtime: €43 000
  • Total cost: €50 000
After installing INSOCOAT
  • INSOCOAT bearings: €300
  • Cost of maintenance/repair: €700
  • Total cost: €1 000
  • Total ROI: 4 900%
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