Axlebox bearing monitoring and bogie hunting safety system

Axlebox bearing monitoring
For decades axlebox bearings have been monitored with stationary trackside infrared temperature measurement systems, called hot box detector which are mounted every certain distance so that measuring discontinuously and which normally shows considerable number of false alarms. In order to regulate and improve the high speed train situation, was issued the TSI directive 96/48 of the European Commission, describe the law about train requirements among others about bogie hunting monitoring to control the stable running condition as well as the axlebox on-board temperature monitoring.

The SKF IMx-R systems can improve safety and train operation reliability, by allowing not only the fulfillment of high speed train TSI directive, but also the requirements defined on the EN15437-2 for on-board continuous temperature monitoring according to detect failures in axlebox bearings.

Further more the IMx-R system apart from temperature monitoring of journal bearing, can integrate signals from vibration measurement for frequencies analysis to detect incipient bearings damage so that the train better program their maintenance according the next suitable workshop operation plan.

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