INSOCOAT bearings with electrically insulating coating

Insocoat TRB

Due to the introduction of frequency converter controlled motors for propulsion systems in locomotives and multiple units, demands on traction motor bearings have significantly increased. Harmful, high frequency stray electric currents are unavoidable in most current applications. SKF INSOCOAT bearings with electrically insulating coating help solve this problem.

INSOCOAT VL0241 with electrically insulated outer ring:

  • Ideal for for small and medium traction motors
  • Design based on both cylindrical roller bearings and deep groove ball bearings.
  • Outer ring is electrically insulated with an aluminium oxide layer
  • Virtually eliminates premature bearing failures caused by stray electric currents

INSOCOAT VL2071 with electrically insulated inner ring:

  • Ideal for larger traction motors
  • The aluminium oxide coating is applied on the inner ring outside surfaces: the bore, the chamfers and side faces
  • Improved electrical insulation properties in comparison with the coated outer ring design VL0241
  • Lower electrical capacitance due to a smaller coated surface area
  • Higher electrical impedance
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