SKF Wheel End Monitor

SKF has developed a device to track damages of the wheel bearing (raceway spalls) of a truck in an early stage. It can therefore serve as an early warning system against bearing failures. By using the SKF Wheel End Monitor, for example the danger of having an unplanned stop due to a failed bearing can be reduced. If the SKF Wheel End Monitor is utilized correctly and the signal is regularly read then there is enough time to schedule the truck's next maintenance stop after a damage of the bearing is indicated.

The SKF Wheel End Monitor's benefits:

  • Bearing failures are detected well before they lead to an unplanned stop
  • Prevention of a breakdown avoids expensive repairs
  • Warning system assists in reducing the threat of suffering a wheel off and increases the traffic participants' safety
  • The bearing is not replaced until it reaches the end of its life and therefore unnecessary maintenance can be avoided (End-Of-Life-Management)
  • The application fits in already existing wheel end systems, therefore a change-over is not needed.

How does it work?

The SKF Wheel End Monitor is installed at the outboard side of the rim of a truck wheel. It monitors vibration and is changing into an alert mode when it measures a certain vibration created from a raceway spall. From that point in time the SKF Wheel End Monitor will give a warning signal (red blinking light) when it is being activated. Details on how to install and activate the SKF Wheel End Monitor can be found under Mounting instructions.
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