SKF Wind Gearbox Spare Kits

All bearings needed for refurbishment in one kit

SKF Wind Gearbox Spare Kits
Refurbishing wind turbine gearboxes requires a wide range of type-specific bearings. SKF Wind Gearbox Spare Kits make them available for rapid delivery to help wind farm operators reduce short-notice repair times.

Fast, single-source access

By providing wind farm operators and utilities rapid delivery of the right parts from a single source, SKF Wind Gearbox Spare Kits simplify the process of identifying and ordering components. The kits can also serve as a proactive maintenance upgrade to boost gearbox performance.

Backed by our extensive wind industry experience and distribution expertise, SKF Wind Gearbox Spare Kits deliver several benefits:
  • Easy identification and sourcing of correct bearing sets
  • Quick access to bearings when needed
  • Reduced inventory costs
  • Reduced downtime and lost productivity
  • Single-source access to a range of turbine bearings
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