Self-aligning bearing solutions

Support main shafts and rotor shafts with SKF solutions

Whether you need a single or two-bearing rotor support, SKF expertise will help develop the most suitable solution.

To support the main shaft, a two-point design uses two bearings, which are typically spherical roller bearings. In this design the gearbox acts only as a torque converter. In a three-point rotor bearing arrangement, one spherical roller bearing and the gearbox itself support the rotor shaft.

Simplicity and integration

The three-point support design is popular due to its simplicity of design and integration of function. Unlike the two-bearing support concept, the three-point support gearbox must be designed to carry the main shaft loads, rather than just the torque reaction loads.

Both solutions rely on a coupling that clamps the rotor shaft and the gearbox shaft together.

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