The wind industry quality standard by SKF

Driving wind energy reliability and productivity

In order for wind farms to maximize energy output and minimize total cost of operation, turbine reliability and availability must keep improving. To help make sure it does, SKF has developed a set of guidelines to help the industry standardize engineering, manufacturing and quality assurance processes for wind turbines, sub-systems and components.

New standards from an industrial standard-bearer

In developing these wind energy standards, SKF has built on performance standards already used in other quality-critical industries, including automotive and aerospace. In many cases, SKF helped to establish and embed these standards in the first place.

Consistent component quality

Based on automotive industry standards and adapted to the needs of the wind energy industry, the SKF wind industry quality standard seeks to control component quality throughout the entire value chain. This new SKF standard defines specific manufacturing and engineering process controls to ensure common standards and traceability for bearings and other critical components.
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