Engaged maintenance and reliability teams

Date: 2011-11-14T12:03:57
Location: United States
Presenter: Steve Armour, Manufacturing Service Manager, SKF USA
Conference: AM2011 North America


A couple of years ago, SKF's Flowery Branch GA factory engaged their workforce to improve maintenance & reliability performance. Success required that their operators become teams, with tools and accountability to make a difference. Integrating the concept of Operator Driven Reliability (ODR) and other tools into production's daily work meant effectively training and engaging the workforce. Along the way SKF Flowery Branch learned a better way to learn (not teach)!) Using practice grounds, hand-on experiences, and a process called Manufacturing Excellence, they have cut downtime 50%, reduced costs, and shifted the workorder balance from reactive to proactive. Making and learning from mistakes in a controlled environment, has increased their productivity and employee engagement. Now, their teams won't work any other way.
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