The road to reliability runs through the storeroom.

Date: 2011-11-14T12:03:57
Location: United States
Presenter: Bob Wilson, CMRP, Senior Director of Client Assesments, Performance Consulting Associates, Inc.
Conference: AM2011 North America


The purpose of the storeroom and MRO inventory is to reduce the consequence of failure! There is a clear and compelling connection between MRO materials management and equipment reliability. In today's difficult and challenging economy, the storeroom is a vital link in the organizational chain. Today cash is king, and no smart CEO or CFO wants to invest valuable working capital in non-productive assets that will sit in the storeroom collecting dust and becoming obsolete. Without a structured approach to balancing risk and investment, the storeroom cannot become a full partner in support of Asset Reliability. This presentation will outline the steps needed to create the "perfect storeroom"; by insuring that the right part, in the right quantity, is available at the right time to support reliability and reduce the impact of equipment failure.
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