Have machinery in places your reliability expert can’t get to?

Date: 2011-11-14T12:03:57
Location: United States
Presenter: Ashe Menon, Director of Business Development, National Oilwell Varco
Conference: AM2011 North America


Remote monitoring and diagnostics multiply the number of eyes watching critical oil drilling equipment. Needing a real-time view of operations, and to track conditions leading to significant events, world class drilling platforms must have separate technologies working together. The first system gathers well control tools data and forwards information to engineers around the world. The second system safely archives critical data leading up to major events. One system seeks to prevent out of control situations, the other provides insight to prevent future loss of control and catastrophic failures. Complex drilling operations require an ever increasing amount of expertise in all aspects of the operation. Ensuring high quality data allows confidence to take actions that both improve productivity and prevent any unnecessary harm to people and environment. Remote monitoring technology provides the right information at the right time.

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