Benchmarking performance

Date: 2011-05-12T12:03:57
Location: Spain
Presenter: Lucy Craig, GL Garrad Hassan
Conference: SKF Wind Farm Management Conference 2011


In Europe it is assumed that a modern onshore wind turbine can achieve and sustain 97% availability for 20 years, and during this lifetime the turbine power curve efficiency will remain close to 100%. As the wind industry has matured, evidence of these assumptions is now demanded by investors and owners. The author and his team assessed >30 GW of operating wind energy plants worldwide and developed a database of production, availability and operating efficiency statistics for more than 250 wind farms equating to >1500 wind farm years' statistics, representing all major manufacturers. The resulting analyses is a set of real performance figures that can be used as powerful benchmarking tools to understand how well the wind farm should be performing and how to achieve high availability and power performance levels.

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