Enhance your end-of-warranty inspections using condition monitoring technologies

Date: 2011-05-12T12:03:57
Location: Spain
Presenter: Mark Dunn, SKF Service Division.
Conference: SKF Wind Farm Management Conference 2011


A consequence of the dynamic growth in the wind industry is a corresponding increase in the number of turbines coming out of warranty. To ensure turbines continue to operate at their highest availability, the end-of-warranty process is an ideal opportunity to assess the turbine using condition monitoring technology. Complex conditions, variable loads and speeds, differing turbine designs and manufacturers challenge the effective setup of a condition monitoring system. This presentation addresses data acquisition and analysis techniques that enhance and optimize the end-of-warranty investment and return. It also explains how the proper technical knowledge, the right measurements and analysis expertise can translate into clear maintenance tasks and achieve the full cost-reducing benefit of condition monitoring.

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