Shaft alignment tool TKSA20 (PT02-TKSA20)

Date: Feb 2012
Language: English
Shaft alignment tool TKSA 20

Course summary

This course introduces the SKF shaft alignment tool TKSA20, and covers the following topics

  • The importance of precision alignment
  • What's in the kit
  • Use of the TKSA20 to check for soft foot, and to align a machine.

The course is intended for use in conjunction with the manual supplied with the instrument. Tuition is divided into six sections:

  1. Introduction to shaft alignment.
  2. Introduction to the TKSA20
  3. Preparation for shaft alignment
  4. Alignment procedure overview
  5. Real-world case study
  6. Alignment report

Estimated study time is approximately 30-45 minutes, and on completion you will have the opportunity to take a test, to check your understanding of the topics covered during the course.

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