SKF Technical Support Self-Help Portal

Format: Web application
Product platform: Condition monitoring
SKF Technical Support Self-Help Portal

The Technical Support Self-Help Portal is a knowledge base that consists of a collection of in-depth technical support articles, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), user manuals, application notes, and more. In addition to using a search query, you may also browse through all the articles by clicking through the article hierarchy tree. Products are arranged using the current SKF product taxonomy. If you do not find what you are looking for, simply open a new support case for the Technical Support Group (TSG) from within the portal.

Some technical articles and application notes are free to download in the portal. However, the in-depth technical articles and user manuals located in the secure portal are reserved only for customers who subscribe to an SKF Product Support Plan (or PSP). Users without a Product Support Plan may only access content in the public portal.

If you are a PSP Customer or SKF Employee, click on the Secure Portal login section in the upper-right side of the portal to log in or register for access to the secure portal.
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