SKF showcases advanced products and solutions at PTC Asia 2013

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    SKF Aeration blower
    SKF Aeration blower

    2013 October 28, 08:00 CET

    Shanghai, China, 28 October 2013: SKF will at PTC Asia 2013 present a selection of products and integrated solutions across the five SKF technology platforms, releasing the power of SKF Knowledge Engineering to demonstrate comprehensive application of its solutions which is a commitment to the success of customers.

    “The combination of our global presence, industrial experience and technology platforms to build customer value is what we call ‘The Power of Knowledge Engineering’. Benefiting from that, for this year’s PTC Asia, we bring a wide range of offers with high quality and advanced technology that are well-able to help our customers become more profitable, productive and sustainable,” says Mr Zhu Jiming, SKF China President,

    Experts from SKF’s different segments including Mr Tony Gong, Sales Director, IDBU China, Mr Jonas Kjellberg Segment Manager, SKF Industrial Drives Business Unit, Mr Francisco Serrano, Segment Manager of Industrial Transmission, Mr Darron Henn, Sales Director of Industrial Seals, Ms Chiara Forlani, Segment Manager of Industrial Electrical, Mr Stefano Marzola, Segment Manager of Driveline Services, and Mr Alexandre Moureaud, Key Account Manager, SKF Magnetic System are present to exchange ideas and have in-depth discussion with the visitors.

    At this year’s PTC, SKF presents a series of its latest products and solutions of industrial electrical, fluid, industrial transmission, material handling and industrial driveline segments that meet most challenges in the industry.

    SKF newly launched a energy efficient high speed permanent magnet motor solution for aeration blowers in wastewater facilities, which can reduce energy consumption by up to 40 percent and is under the spotlight during the show. The SKF solution for aeration blower systems comprises a high-speed permanent magnet motor (PMM) that can deliver between 75 kW-350 kW, active magnetic bearings (AMB) and integrated AMB control system. This range of oil-free motor solutions has a number of features that enhance performance; for example, unlike traditional induction motors, the PMM maintains efficiency at half-load and half-speed operation. The SKF solution for aeration blower systems also uses less mechanical parts than traditional drive systems, which means reduced maintenance, while powerful built-in monitoring and diagnostic capabilities helps to maintain high performance and reliability. This system is included in the SKF BeyondZero portfolio*.

    Achieving maximum return on driveline investments is a primary goal of operation managers in every industry. Making it happen requires the right mix of operational reliability, energy efficiency and minimal service requirements, and this is where “SKF Driveline – Lifecycle” can help. The Drivelines encompasses a range of products and services from SKF and what makes a difference is that SKF will review the whole system and recommend a combination of offers that are best for the solution – it is not only focusing on a single problem but the complete system. At this event, SKF displays two versions of the Driveline to accommodate both OEM and end users. The OEM version focuses on engineering and related components to help OEM customers downsize the gearbox, increase torque, service life and operational reliability, and reduce power losses. For the end user version, which includes all the latest sensors that SKF has developed based on the condition monitoring platform, it will enable the increase of uptime and production volumes and the reduction of maintenance cost and running costs.

    SKF has developed a new generation of hard, ultra clean, high-nitrogen steel with a high degree of impact toughness, high fatigue resistance end superior corrosion resistance. During the exhibition, SKF displays new bearings that enable reliable and cost effective compression for sour gas screw compressors. The SKF sour gas bearings are made of advanced rolling bearing materials – hybrid rolling bearings (suffix HC5) including large ceramic rollers, super-tough stainless steel raceways (VC444), and fibre reinforced PEEK (polyetheretherketone) cages (PHAS, PH etc.).

    Since the launch of SKF Energy Efficient (E2) deep groove ball bearings in 2008, SKF has now extended the range to target larger electric motors up to 350 kW (500 hp), providing rebuilders as well as OEMs and end users with a longer lifecycle and lower total cost of ownership. SKF E2 bearings reduce friction losses by up to 50 percent compared to standard SKF bearings which means less heat generated. Pre-greased with SKF specially developed low-friction grease, SKF E2 bearings can boost motor uptime, process productivity and energy efficiency, and reduce maintenance, repairs and operating costs in the process.

    SKF also brings STS (ship to shore) crane, hydraulic pump, seal jet machine and newly developed gearbox demos. SKF will also show Speedi Sleeve and MROD seals at the exhibition which draws wide attention and interests. PTC ASIA was established in China in 1991 as a leading industry exhibition in power transmission and control technologies, and this year is the fifth time for SKF’s presence at the show where SKF further demonstrates its advancement of products and solutions.

    *The SKF BeyondZero product portfolio contains products that offer enhanced environmental performance characteristics. To be included in the SKF BeyondZero portfolio, SKF products, services and solutions must deliver significant environmental benefits.

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    ® SKF is a registered trademark of the SKF Group.
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