New SKF SYSTEM 24 TLSD Series provides simple, automatic lubrication

SKF SYSTEM 24 Electro-mechanical single point automatic lubricator TLSD series
SKF SYSTEM 24 Electro-mechanical single-point automatic lubricator TLSD

2013 November 15, 07:32 CET

The TLSD Series lubricator is an electro-mechanical, single point automatic lubricator, providing direct or remote lubrication.

Gothenburg, 15 November, 2013: SKF has launched the new SKF SYSTEM 24 TLSD Series of electro-mechanical automatic lubricators. The new lubricators are reliable, simple to fit and are suitable for a wide range of lubrication applications, for use on equipment ranging from pumps, fans and blowers to conveyors, escalators and cranes. 

The robust construction of the new TLSD lubricator is especially suitable for use in applications with high levels of vibration or fluctuating operating temperatures; a special version is also available for use in cold temperatures.  In each case the product offers an effective solution for the lubrication of bearings, shafts and spindles, helping to extend machine operating life and reduce maintenance costs.

“The TLSD lubricator is a reliable and easy to use product. The transparent reservoir makes it quick to check the status at a glance, while the programmable drive unit offers more options and greater flexibility, with a much clearer LED display, than competing devices”, says Guus Willems, Product Development Engineer at SKF.

The TLSD Series is a stand-alone device, consisting of a lubricant reservoir and a battery powered unit that can be programmed to dispense lubricant in various monthly settings. Connection to each machine is via either a direct mount or a feed line, each terminating with a standard G1/4 thread.

The reservoir can be supplied in two sizes (125ml and 250ml) filled with SKF specified high performance oils or greases. Maximum operating pressure is 5bar.

The drive unit uses a simple rotary switch, protected by a clear plastic cap, enabling the TLSD to be programmed to dispense lubricant in intervals of choice. Additionally, a green-amber-red traffic light LED display, visible from all angles, clearly shows the operating status of the device.

TLSD lubricator and refill sets are not for offer/sale/use in Germany, France or United States.

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