SKF Blohm + Voss Industries presents a new generation of sealing rings

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    2013 December 03, 11:00 CET

    The new sealing ring meets the increasing demands of the marine industry as well as the requirements of the VGP 2013, thanks to new design and a new elastomer mix.

    Gothenburg, Sweden, 3 December, 2013: SKF Blohm + Voss Industries introduces its SC3 ring – the new generation lip sealing ring for SIMPLEX-COMPACT stern tube seals. Thanks to its new shape the ring also functions reliably and remains stable under increasingly extreme conditions like higher variations in pressure.
    The greater the difference in draft, the more the pressure
    “Requirements in ship newbuilding are becoming increasingly demanding. For instance, the cargo capacity of container ships has increased threefold over the past 20 years”, says Mathias Rusch, Director Shaft Components at SKF Blohm + Voss Industries. “The differences in a ship’s draft associated with the increasing cargo capacity place high demands on the seal’s performance. Because the greater the difference in draft, the more the pressure on the ring will vary.”

    Thanks to its new shape, the SC3 ring is better able to handle such differences in pressure. It has been given a shorter lip which has allowed the pressure-loaded area to be reduced. Thanks to a now self-aligning annular spring the ring is better able to adjust to the actual pressure. Both of these changes mean that the friction acting on the ring – and the associated heat generation – are reduced, without limiting the ring’s efficiency. Further new features include the lubrication pockets that have been embedded into the ring. These feed a larger volume of oil to the sealing gap, which leads to a cooling effect, improved tribological performance in the sealing gap and a slow-down in the aging process. The delayed aging process of the sealing ring facilitates longer docking intervals. This is yet a further measure that eases the environmental impact – because it reduces the volume of lubricants that has to be replaced.

    Fulfilling the VGP requirements is possible
    In accordance with the VGP (Vessel General Permit) 2013, which takes effect on 19 December 2013, most vessels over 24 metres in length that sail in US territorial waters will have to comply among others with the requirement to use so-called environmentally acceptable liquids (EAL) at interfaces from which oil could be released into seawater. SKF Blohm + Voss Industries has developed a special elastomer mix for the SC3 ring which allows problem-free operation with most lubricants that comply with the EAL directive. Previous elastomer mixes are however still available in the new shape of the SC3 ring.

    An even stronger partner for the marine industry
    In early 2013, SKF has acquired Blohm + Voss Industries (BVI), the German manufacturer of ship components. With this acquisition, SKF intends to strengthen its product portfolio for the marine industry. Furthermore, SKF widens its access to the market by using BVI's world-wide leading network of Sales and Service partners. Customers will benefit from SKF's expertise as a knowledge engineering company in combination with BVI's focus on shipbuilding and ship operations. The new joint organisation will be an even stronger partner for the marine industry, supplying critical components and fast and reliable services, as well as developing new applications that address future challenges in the ever changing environment of the industry.

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