SKF helps change bearing standards for better machine integration

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    2014 July 17, 14:00 CEST

    Gothenburg, Sweden, 17 July 2014: SKF, a global supplier of innovative bearing solutions, gave major contribution to the development of the revised ISO 492 standard, which will enable customers to better integrate bearings into their machinery.
    ISO 492 incorporates GPS (Geometrical Product Specifications), enabling the tolerance of rolling bearings and the ISO GPS systems to be based on the same platform.  As a global provider of innovative bearing solutions SKF has naturally been a leader in defining the conversion process to the new standards. A number of SKF experts have been involved in the review of ISO 492, which has resulted in the final draft of the standard. 
    “The benefits for our customers will be better descriptions of SKF products in terms of functions,” explains Alexander de Vries, Director, SKF Group Product Development. “ISO 492 will give users more information about the interface between SKF products and the rest of their machinery in order to better integrate our products. Today you need to be an expert in bearings, to understand that for instance, the bearing diameter is given as an average, but with revised ISO 492 this dimension is clearly described by using the common industrial language of ISO GPS. It functionally takes the interface between the bearing and another mechanical part into account.”  
    Work on the new standard began at a symposium that was held in September 2008 in Vienna where rolling bearing specialists including SKF and GPS experts met in order to align their systems and philosophies.  
    “SKF has been closely involved in developing these new standards, which will improve performance and efficiency for the users,” Alexander de Vries added; “ISO 492 will offer more information on exactly how a bearing will fit into a machine system, both at the assembly stage when mounting the products and during operation.”

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