Employee care

SKF respects its employees’ rights, offers safe and good working conditions and a non-discriminatory environment, and develops the skills and competencies of its staff continuously for their satisfaction and career possibilities. A company is defined by the products and services it sells, and also by the values it embraces. High ethical standards, empowerment, openness and the spirit of teamwork represent SKF’s corporate culture.

The principles that SKF adheres to in the Code of Conduct as well as the values that SKF embraces set the basis for its continuous improvement in Employee Care. Targets, policies and procedures are established and managed to ensure that all employees at SKF feel respected, encouraged, motivated, contented and proud of being an employee of the company.

High ethical standards

SKF always conducts its business in a highly ethical manner. All business transactions that SKF employees conduct with customers and suppliers must meet the highest standards of
personal and professional honesty and integrity.


SKF is committed to providing an environment where employees feel free to take the initiative and the responsibilities for decision-making. The quality of decision-making is determined
by the knowledge and capability of the employees.


SKF advocates attentive openness – an open line of communication between employees, suppliers, technological partners and larger communities.


SKF is committed to creating an environment where people work in teams within their own units, across organisational boundaries and across geographical borders.
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