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SKF Industrial Service(Shanghai)Co., Ltd., abbreviated as (ISCShanghai) isa joint venture established by SKF in China providing bearings and relevant product maintenance sevices.The company was established inOct., 2007 by SKF (China) Investment Co., Ltd. and Baosteel Industry Technological Service Co.,Ltd, a result of the establishment of strategic partnership between Baoshan Iron &Steel Co., Ltd. and SKF in/17> Mar.2005.

With the close cooperation betweenSKFand Bao Iron & Steel. ISCShanghai began to provide continuous roll-casting system solution to Baosteelin June,2009.After starting the business of continuous roll-casting system, SKF signed a strategic partnership agreement with Baosteel inSept.,aiming to establsh a preferred supplier/customer platform, /as well as deepen and strengthen the cooperation between both sides. SKF Industrial Service(Shanghai) Co., Ltd. will be platform for Baosteel to build a green steel corporation.

SKF Industrial Service(Shanghai)Co., Ltd. will be dedicated to providing Chinese steel industry and cusomers from other industires with large size bearings, CoCab, backing bearings, split bearing and the restoration services for other relevant products, while offering continuous roll-casting system solutions to steel industry and ensuring the uptime and smooth operation of continuous casting equipment.

The maintenace-application-circulation-reuse concept of bearings and relevant productscontributes to the sustainability of environment. SKF Industrial Service(Shanghai)Service Co., Ltd. will improve the availability through extending bearing service life, reducing cost during life cycle and stock, analysizing damage and investigating correction measures as well as equipment upgrade.

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