SKF Comunidade in Brazil

To promote the importance of health and education among under-privileged children

SKF Comunidade (SKF Community) is established to provide opportunity to underprivileged children from Cajamar region with mental, social as well as physical development. They do so by addressing the importance of health and education among the children.

SKF Comunidade takes place every two months at the SKF Sports Club at the factory. Children from poor communities are invited (with transportation arranged for them) to come to this magical place, where they can have fun and learn through creative activities.

SKF employees volunteer during that day as guides, actors and actresses in theatrical play, and not the least coaches for different sports games. Many activities are planned for the children during the day such as:
  • factory visit with safety procedure
  • group activities in singing and dancing
  • outdoor snack
  • sports activities: swimming, soccer
  • manicure and massage
  • lunch
  • quiz and prizes

SKF is recognized as not only as a socially responsible company but also a role model in helping the community. This project is receiving a lot of positive feedback from the communities as well as customers.

SKF employees on the other hand, feel inspired and energized to spend a day playing with the children and helping them. It enhances teamwork between the employees and not the least, strengthens the work relationships with one another.

SKF employees are always looking forward to this bi-monthly event because having fun with the children is also a form of relaxation exercise for them.

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