2008 “Meet the World” in China

With the immense success of 2006-2007’s “Meet the World” tournament fresh in mind, SKF had more confidence and ambition when planning 2008’s tournament. This is the year that the Gothia Cup partnered with Gothenburg's twin city, Shanghai. SKF has witnessed the friendship between these two partner cities continuing to deepen with the new generation.

Unlike the first tournament, the “Meet the World” invitational tournament held in Shanghai on April 26, 2008 specifically targeted female students at surrounding high schools. This not only solidified the Gothia Cup’s commitment to gender equality, it also helped invigorate the development of girl’s football in China. Putting a Chinese girls’ football team in the spotlight at the Gothia Cup inspired countless Chinese girls to embrace their football dreams with a new intensity and also gave them an opportunity to meet equally passionate youth from around the world.

After days of severe competition, Shanghai Caoyang No. 2 High School won the final match and went on to participate in the Gothia Cup in Sweden in July. As always, SKF paid for all expenses. Amazingly, Shanghai Caoyang No. 2 High School won the championship game in the under-17 Girls age group at the Gothia Cup, bringing great glory to Chinese football, while revealing the talent of China’s new generation of female footballers.

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