2010 “Meet the World” in China

With the global economic recovery in sight, SKF once more offered an invitation to China’s young football enthusiasts. Even with a championship in hand, there was still more to achieve, and this year SKF set out to take China’s “Meet the World” tournament onto the national stage by inviting football teams from more than one Chinese city.


On May 8, 2010, “Meet the World” was held once again in Shanghai. The nation’s four most promising middle school girls’ soccer teams—Chongqing Daping Middle School, Jiangsu Nanjing Jianye Middle School, Shanghai Meilong Middle School and Shanghai Caoyang No. 2 Middle School—fought for victory on an even playing field.


In the end, Shanghai Caoyang No. 2 High School emerged undefeated after three games, winning the tournament championship and a second chance to represent China at Sweden’s Gothia Cup! Girls’ football in Shanghai has continuously led the national development of the sport, and SKF believes that giving Shanghai’s talented female footballers an opportunity to experience football on the global stage will have a significant impact on the pace and magnitude of football’s development in China.


Knowing the effect that this match had on the development of youth soccer in China and the development of exchanges between young football players across the world, FIFA President Joseph Blatter sent a congratulatory letter to the “Meet the World” tournament and praised its dedication to “the sport, the world, and youth everywhere!” Wei Di, the Director of the General Administration of Sports in China’s Football Administrative Center, also sent his congratulations to the program and encouraged young footballers across China to continue developing their skills.

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