2011 “Meet the World” in China

In 2011, SKF decided to host this year’s tournament in the beautiful northern port city of Dalian in order to bring the event to more diverse areas of China. SKF invested even more funds to help Chinese teenagers realize their sporting dreams. SKF not only invited many teams to take part in the Meet the World tournament in Dalian this month (April) but also collaborated with the China Youth Development Foundation (CYDF) to find, train, and sponsor talented young footballers in poor areas. SKF believes that its efforts will help these teenagers develop physically and spiritually, broaden their horizons and build friendships. Meanwhile, SKF is promoting communication between Chinese teenagers and teenagers of other countries.


On April 9th, this year’s “Meet the World” tournament was hosted by Jinzhou High School in Dalian. The event was initiated by SKF and co-organized by SKF (Dalian) Bearings and Precision Technologies Co., SKF (China) Co., and Dalian City Education Bureau. Football teams from Dalian Education University’s Attached Secondary School and Dalian No. 6, No. 12, and No. 13 Middle Schools were represented at the event. On April 15, No. 6 Middle School beat other two teams and represented China’s female-football team to compete in Gothia Cup in July. From the company’s past experience of establishing corporate social responsibility programs in China’s poverty-stricken areas, SKF also realizes that there are many young people in these areas who are also passionate about football. To help them overcome their hardship, realize their dreams, and develop their life aspirations, SKF worked with the China Youth Development Foundation (CYDF) to build physical education facilities at “hope schools” and to discover, foster, and support young students from poor areas who are passionate about sports. By doing so, SKF hopes to let youth from poor backgrounds also participate in “Meet the World” tournaments and open their eyes to new possibilities.


From the recommendation of the CYDF, SKF has selected the football team from Pengcheng “hope school” in Sandu ethnic Shui Autonomous County, Guizhou Province to represent youth football teams of poverty-stricken areas. The team travelled to Sweden’s Gothia Cup with Dalian No.6 Middle School and the champions of Dalian’s “Meet the World” tournament. SKF and its business organizations in China provided complete financial funding for the trip, and helped the youth from poverty-stricken areas to compete with others from all over the world on the global stage. It gave them beautiful memories to inspire their personal growth and an exciting sense of direction for their future.

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